Digital Modelling –  We have many years experience creating digital 3d models, building, landscapes, everyday objects, real, imagined or yet to be constructed. We can cater for most needs and produce models in a variety of industry standard formats, including 3d printer ready files.

3D Digital Models for Heritage, Architecture, Engineering, Museums and Artists.

We specialise in digitally modelling organic & mechanical forms and landscapes as well as accurately, through various techniques, reproducing to the mm, museum artifact and artist sculptures. But can turn our hand to most modelling requirements, large  and small scale. We  use a variety of techniques to accurately reproduce real world objects into digital assets, we can work from plans or concept sketches. We have many years of experience in accurately reproducing existing buildings and landscapes through laser scanning or our UAV technology, geo-referenced and to scale, ideal for surveying, digital reproduction and project planning. Bench top and mobile hand held scanners for sculptures and artifacts and using very high resolution cameras, through the technique of photogrammetry. All our models can be viewed in realtime on most platforms for added functionality, as full animations or just clips to be used within presentations, documentaries or news items.

We also provide a bespoke digital modelling for the artistic community. Digital sculptures from concept drawing, using the very latest in software technology, sculpting in virtual clay. These digital sculptures form the basis of creating physically real models in many different materials. We also provide a reverse of this procedure, converting conventional sculptures into digital models, ideal for on-line portfolios or simply to rescale a sculpture. If you have an inquiry or are simply intrigued to find out more, drop us a line here


An example of our high end photogrammetry service. On the right you can see an image of an elephant tusk which was caught in a local fishermans net in the Irish sea, dating from the 19 century when the ivory trade was rife. We were asked to digitally replicate it, and at the time photogrammetry was the best options.

A fully interactive model can be viewd on our sketchfab site here.

Many of our models on our sketchfab site are created this way. The site also includes models that have been digitally sculpted.

Elephant Tusk
3d digital model of Plas newydd
Image captured from an animation of Plas Newydd created for the national Trust. This project formed part of the Marine source heat pump, more information can be found here. An interesting project that posed some interesting problems, namely the large area that was needed to be created fairly accurately in order to describe the area and include as  enough detail as possible. The whole model was geo referenced so that assets could be placed accurately. Each scene was rendered at 1024 x 768, giving a 16:9 aspect ratio.  Each scene (about 20) took on average 2 days to render.


Digital 3d model of a horse
Composite of a horse modelled in Zbrush. Zbrush modelling package used with the animation industry. With a background in the traditional arts, DTM Technologies owner specialises in organic sculpture and modelling as well as traditional drawing and painting. This serves us well in the digital world, being able to model organic objects from photos and concept sketches. With a strong belief in ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ we are idealy placed to model anything that a client may request.
Architectural 3d model
A concept model of a non existent gallery. Produced within 3d studio max. Architectural modelling forms a large part of our business. Accurate models created from architectural drawings in many industry standard formats, full colour and textures to any level of detail. This process is ideally suited to creating rich animations and images that can help with planning applications, internal and external consultations with stakeholders or general public and add rich content to presentations or portfolios.
High Resolution 3d point cloud model
An image  from a model of an eroded cliff face at Cemlyn bay, Anglesey, accurate and to a resolution of about 5mm’s. A process known as photogrammetry can be used to accurately create high resolution point cloud and 3d digital models. These models can be used for all types of analysis and comparisons. Capable of being optimised to be viewed on many platforms and GIS applications the models from these high resolution point clouds can cover small or large areas of land.

DTM-Technologies, based in Anglesey, North Wales, specialise in digitally reproducing the world around us, accurately and at high resolution. We provide aerial survey, photography and film as well as land based scanning. Our deliverables are tailor-made for our client needs, interactive 3d applications, animations, point cloud and ‘meshes’. Survey grade data or simply for visualisation purposes, we aim to provide whatever you require.