Laser scanning,and surveying Anglesey, North Wales

Laser scanning technology and the processing of point cloud data has come a long way in the last 10 years. Now much more accessible and affordable to many industry sectors. We can provide a standalone scanning service or  scan to Building information model.

Laser scanning,and surveying Anglesey, North Wales

Laser scanning is fast becoming part of the everyday surveying workflow. The information collected in the form of a point cloud is highly accurate. Laser scanning can be used to produce accurate as built drawings, topographic maps and form the basis of digitally modelling the as built environment. We at DTM Technologies have developed workflows and strategies that can manipulate point cloud data and create visualisation products suitable for the surveyor, the architect, the scientist, the planner, the environmentalist, the archaeologist, the list is endless. We have the equipment, we have the skills. To hire our scanning services and/or our skills, give us a call or contact us here and lets talk.

With more and more construction projects having to conform to BIM level 2, we can provide a service that you will require right at the start of a project. We can collect laser scan data, or point cloud data of any existing structures and landscape and provide it in a format that suits your workflow. Our point cloud data will be accurate to <3mm and referenced to either local or national grid. We can also take this data a step further and provide a detailed 3d or 2d digital asset that will, not only help in your initial planning, but be an asset throughout the life of your project.

If you require a plans drawn up of an existing property to determine exact layout, floor area in order to carry out work, or to provide them to an architect for building alterations, a laser survey is a quick and very reliable method. Once scanned, there is no need to revisit the site, if a measurement is missing, or a detail has been missed.  A laser survey captures it all in a highly detailed point cloud, which can be easily used to create accurate and very detailed plans. An average 3 bed house can be scanned  and plans drawn up in 2 days, saving time and money.

Although we provide an aerial surveying service that is usually adequate for most projects, sometimes the level of detail needed is even higher,(sub cm), our laser scanning service can provide this. With this data we can provide a digital elevation model, referenced to the Ordnance survey grid, making it compatible to all othere map data for the UK. As a licensed ESRI user we can carry out a range of processes, including volume, slope and hydrological analysis. All our laser scan data can be converted to a mesh for use within a 3d modelling/animation environment.

We can almost guarantee that we can convert any real world object of any size to a digital 3d model. Using a range of techniques and equipment, we have the experience and knowledge to carry out this task efficiently and within budget. We can also duplicate and scale these objects, and use 3d printing technologies to provide physical copies. We also provide a service to take moulds from a 3d printed master and provide short run castings in resin. This process is ideal for duplicating fragile or rare objects in order to provide a tangible object that can be held without risk to the original.


Llaneilian Church Laser scan & Survey

Laser Scanning

Captured in 1 day with 22 scan locations in and around the church. Laser scanning and surveying provide a full and accurate real world 3d point cloud/model ( 75 million points in this case) with an accuracy <5mm. The point cloud provides all the necessary information for planners, architects and engineers to analyse the building without leaving the office. Accurate 2d drawings, 3d models and all measurement and location information can be derived from the point cloud.

Intermap Data

Laser scan data.

Laser scanning and surveying will soon be part of a larger process of recording, planning and building within the Uk. laser scanning captures, as is, real world data accurately. Our background is 3d Modelling and puts us in an ideal place for providing this data along with associated value services, including building information modelling, visualisations and measured drawing in a way that can benefit our clients 2 fold, planning, design & construction as well as visualisations for consultations, public and private.

UAV Survey Equipment


Laser scanning is ideal for real world recording, its fast and extremely accurate. Measurements, linear, area and  volume can be calculated from the data. Non invasive methods like laser scanning are ideal at  sites of historic importance. Animations and visualisations can be created from the data, these can be ideal for education and promotional material.

Elevations and floor plans from scan data

Llaneilian Church, an unusual view, inside and outside.

point cloud of an eroded cliff face at Cemlyn beach.

Llaneilian Church, high resolution point cloud.

DTM-Technologies specialise in digitally reproducing the world around us, accurately and at high resolution. We provide aerial survey, photography and film as well as land based scanning. Our deliverables are tailor made for our clients needs, interactive 3d applications, animations, point cloud and meshes. Survey grade data or simply for visualisation purposes, we aim to provide whatever you require.