Digital 3D Reproductions

  From digital laser scanning to digital 3d model, From concept sketch to digital 3d model…. and then to scaled real physical 3d model. Architecture, CAD, Heritage, Education and much more.

Laser scanning or photogrammetry, is basically a form of data capture that accurately recreates the real world in a digital form, which we do! But unlike most of our competitors, we can also model digitally and convert that back into a scaled physical 3d model. How is this done, well we use only the best 3d printing technologies  to create very high resolution 3d prints that we use as a master, ( 3d printing can be expensive). Using the master we then create a mould for casting small production runs from 2 – 100 or more reproductions. What materials? Our casts are created with the highest grade polyurethane resins, dyed or painted. Why? So far we have produced a casting run of fish,  some horses, and some architectural models. Mostly because they don’t exist yet, in the real world, only as someone’s concept drawing or digital 3d model, or they are our very own concepts based on client briefs. Sometimes holding something real is the only way a potential client, yours or ours, can get a grasp of what something is. Contact us for further information here

3D Digital sculpture created from reference photographs or drawings. Initial model can be anything. Laser scan, concept sculpt or CAD drawing.

Creating a mould can be a complex procedure. This cannot be over emphasised as it forms the basis of the final physical model.
Final physical casting, can be 1 of many reproductions.

DTM-Technologies specialise in digitally reproducing the world around us, accurately and at high resolution. We provide aerial survey, photography and film as well as land based scanning. Our deliverables are tailor made for our clients needs, interactive 3d applications, animations, point cloud and meshes. Survey grade data or simply for visualisation purposes, we aim to provide whatever you require.