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DTM Technologies – Aerial surveying, filming and inspections.  A company that specialises in creating accurate, high resolution digital terrain models, animations and applications for all industry sectors.

Laser Scanning/Surveying

Laser scanning has been used for a number of years for gathering very high resolution accurate as built information in the form of a point cloud. With recent advancements in processing power, online and local storage, many problems that large data sets caused a few years ago are now a thing of the past. Laser scanning, in one visit, can provide an accurate and full picture of the internals and externals of an existing structure, no need for a revisit. as all data is captured in a number of scans, post processing combines all the scans into one point cloud and we can provide an extensive range of outputs to fit in with the clients workflow. Measurements can be extracted <5mm for accurate reconstruction or drawings.

From £550.00+VAT (1 day on site)

Converting point clouds to Drawings From £350.00+VAT


Aerial work

Our pricing structure for any aerial work is based on a full day. We cannot provide a half day rate. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product at a competitive price and there is much work that goes on behind the scene that reflect this. When flying at a site, once determined, we have to carry out an initial investigation into the area, air traffic zones, proximity to airports, potential hazards, windfarms, pylons and antennas. We may also have to contact local air traffic control or issue a NOTAM (notice to airmen) via NATS (National air traffic service) all this before writing an in depth risk assessment document that take all these factors into consideration. This is Law and part of our agreement with the civil aviation authority in order to carry out commercial aerial work. SAFETY FIRST, ALWAYS. Its impossible for us to run a system/rig for every use and because of this we frequently use other certified aerial operators to carry out the flying work.

Aerial Film & Photography

Single Location operation from £400.00 + VAT
Multiple locations (1 day) from £600.00+VAT

Aerial Surveying

Low resolution, (1-10 hectares)<6cm, requires 1-2 man crew from £550.00+VAT, includes ground survey and Data processing.
Low resolution, (10-35 hectares)<6cm, requires 1-2 man crew from £1250.00+VAT, includes ground survey and Data processing.
High resolution, <3cm, requires 2-3 man crew from £2000.00+VAT, (1 Day) this includes ground survey and Data processing.


Ground surveying

Our ground based surveying service goes hand in hand with our aerial surveying and laser scanning service, in order to accurately create geo referenced products, accurate ground control points need to be captured. We use the latest in technology to carry out this service, its a one man GNSS network rover, capable of capturing cm accurate x,y, and z data. When on site  carrying out an aerial survey, you benefit from a reduced rate as we are already on site. We also provide this service as a standalone service working together with other commercial aerial operators.

From £450.00+VAT per day

Geomax Zenith

Image and data processing.

Our background of  15 years working in the 3d visualisation sectors, which involved extensive use of geo referenced data from suppliers such as Ordnance survey and Intermap. Our data takes this to the next level, providing data at cm levels and accuracy tolerances between 0 and 25cms We are well versed in the importance of accuracy and our ability to provide a quality product. We dont just import data into our software and press a button, every stage goes through a rigorous process of quality control. There are many automated systems available but we believe that the human touch is what will deliver quality. This takes time and our workflow is streamlined to make sure you get the product you pay for.

From £350.00+VAT per day

Model Processing

3D modelling and Visualisation.

We have extensive 3d modelling experience using numerous software packages and file formats, we are quick, accurate, and efficient, working from plans, drawings and concept sketches, we are aware of the vast amount of end uses and platforms and cater our modelling accordingly. High quality, detailed terrains for GIS or lower poly counts for games and a realtime environment. All our models are constructed cleanly and as efficiently as possible. We can replicate, accurately real environments using photogrammetry and laser scanning technology, ideal for BIM ( building information modelling).

From £350.00+VAT per day

3d Models

DTM-Technologies specialise in digitally reproducing the world around us, accurately and at high resolution. We provide aerial survey, photography and film as well as land based scanning. Our deliverables are tailor made for our clients needs, interactive 3d applications, animations, point cloud and meshes. Survey grade data or simply for visualisation purposes, we aim to provide whatever you require.