Newborough Warren

Newborough Warren

This is a collaborative monitoring and technological advancement project between SEACAMS (Bangor) and DTM Technologies ( project began in late January 2015 and involved the removal of large quantities of sand, vegetation and humic material from the dunes. This has been done to encourage sand mobilisation from the beach through the main dune wall and in to the slacks behind, with the hope that it will encourage the reinvigoration of species normally found in a dune eco-system. The project has been devised and funded by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and is the largest project of its kind in the United Kingdom.

The area was scanned using a Leica Geosystems ScanStation C10 laser scanner and also ground control points were measured using 2 methods. SEACAMS used a rover with base station and post processed to create cm accurate positioning. DTM Technologies surveyed the same ground control points using a GNSS RTK rover. This was done in order to compare ground control points for consistency . There were some anomalies in the ground control points and these were disregarded. Only GCP’s that were consistent (within 5cms) were used in creating the final model. The final model was created by DTM Technologies using  a UAV to survey and capture images, 503 in total, with roughly a 60% overlap and using photogrammetry, the final model was built.

An animation showing what the area looked like before and after the initial  ground work can be seen here.

This was an ideal projects for us to carry out a rigorous set of surveying techniques using different technologies was for us to validate our process for carrying out aerial surveys and creating accurate digital terrain models and ortho mosaics.

A complete picture of our data can be viewed using our online mapping app here, use the layers tab on the right to view/hide the different layers.

An animation of our original survey can be viewed here.

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